Retail store carpentry

Apex Carpentry has worked on  many retail stores.

Utah commercial carpenter

Finish carpentry can be a real challenge in a retail store. The schedule is really tight and the dead line has to be met. You are working around other contractors so cooperation is a must. The variety of work has its own challenges. Every store is different and the blueprints have to be followed precisely. We could be working in the stock room one day building a mobile shelving system or installing security hardware on the back door. On another day we are working on the store front and making sure it will attract people into the store.   Every store has their own cabinetry and woodwork that has to be placed  just right.

The experience we gain on retail stores gives us better skills that we can use on any project. We can finish jobs on time and with precision. We give each customer the same attention and focus.


retail carpenter shiplap trim rustic carpentry
trim carpentry in Utah
Utah commercial carpentry

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