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5 Ways To Make Your Front Door Fabulous

Doors and windows are the centerpiece of any home and the first thing visitors see when they walk up to knock. Whether you are planning on selling your house or updating your home with a cozy new look, remodeling with … Continue reading

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New front door styles for 2012

I have recently previewed the new entry doors for 2012 that the leading manufactures have created.  The big growth area for entry doors is in fiberglass construction.  Homeowners are really starting to understand and want the many advantages of fiberglass … Continue reading

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Best front door for durability and value.

  Your choices in exterior doors used to be simple, you had one type of door, wood.  Wood doors are very attractive and come in an unlimited array of styles and wood types.  In spite of all the advantages of … Continue reading

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Best money spent on home improvement.

When fixing up your home, one question to ask is: what return on my investment will I see when I sell my home? According to the Wall Street Journal and the annual cost versus value survey, one improvement can make … Continue reading

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How easy is it to break in your front door?

Kicked in door They other day I met with a Utah home owner who had somebody try to break in her front door.  It only took a few seconds to break the door jamb and the intruder would have entered the … Continue reading

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Energy efficient exterior doors.

I recently met with a home owner that had a front door that was hollow inside. The door has been on the house for 50 years. I couldn’t help to think how much money had been lost over the years … Continue reading

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Don’t settle for boring interior doors

Over the fast few years many new door styles have been created.  Most homes have interior doors that are the same style as all the houses around them.  You can make a dramatic difference to the feel of your home … Continue reading

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