Enjoy the atmosphere of a fire pit on your deck

Decks are a versatile outdoor space are used for many functions.  It is very common to have a gas grill on your deck but how about a fire pit?  Having wood or charcoal fire on a wood or composite deck can be a fire bbq-on-deckdanger and can make a mess out of your deck.

A new product on the market solves this problem.  It is called Deck Stones and they are slate or granite tiles than can be set into your deck.  They create a fireproof  and stain free area on your deck.  Even if you do not want a fire pit on your deck the tiles give your deck a unique look and feel.  Putting them under your grill or furniture is a good way to protect your deck from scratches and stains.   The deck tiles can be put into an existing or new deck without mortar or grout and are maintenance free and allow water to drain.fire-pit0on-deck

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