Use Blinds to Decorate Your house

Posted By on March 12, 2012

Utah-window-blindsWhen you are looking for ways to bring added layers of design into your home, don’t forget about using the windows for that extra decor opportunity. You are not limited to expensive custom drapery choices. Consider using a decorating tool that has been around for centuries. Blinds are available in a wide variety of materials to that they not only offer an element of texture, but privacy as well.

Depending on the size of the windows and the illusion that you want to create, you will be able to find blinds in the materials, colors and orientation that will help you turn the windows into an important part of your decorating scheme. The choice of vertical or horizontal slats will help to break up a long, boring wall or make the window appear larger.

Fabric, wood or even a less expensive yet still attractive plastic or metal type of blind choices are available to fit any decorating budget and design inspirations. They can be used as the only window treatment, but are attractive when coordinated with curtains and drapes. The slats can be adjusted to filter the damaging rays of the sun to protect your expensive custom drapes, carpeting and furniture from fading.

Before purchasing window  blind be sure to measure the window exactly so that it will cover the window properly when installed. You will need to measure width, height and depth at three spots each to make sure that once they are hung your new window treatments will not be obstructed in any way. Measure each end of the window and along the middle. The measurements may all be different, but make note of the biggest and smallest measurement.

Don’t forget that window treatments should fit into the theme of the exterior of the home as well as the interior design. Don’t risk taking away from the curb appeal because of a poor choice.


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