Enter Your House Without a Key

Posted By on January 30, 2013

keyless entryWe have used keys for hundreds of years to open locks. They do the job but can be lost, stolen or copied. There are times when you want to leave your house without carrying keys. Sometimes you might want to allow someone in your house while you are gone or in an emergency. We all know that leaving a key under the door mat is not very safe. Have you ever left your home and wondered if you remembered to lock the door?

Thanks to modern technology we no longer have to carry a key.  The leading door lock set companies make deadbolts that don’t need keys to open them.  They have a keypad on them where you can enter a code to open the door. Each member of the family can have a separate code and you can receive a notice on your phone when the door is opened and who opened it.  You can have a temporary code for a neighbor or a visitor or an emergency code.  You can even lock or unlock the door with your phone or computer. The lock can be programmed to let someone in only on certain days or hours.

Think of the piece of mind this will give you.  You can receive a text alert when your child come home from school. You can allow a neighbor in while you are on vacation to check on your pets. You can go outside to exercise or visit a neighbor without carry a set of keys with you and locking yourself out is a thing of the past.

These locks can be installed on any entry door and come in many attractive styles.


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